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Bicycle Services near McAllen TX: Are you looking for the Best Bicycle Services near McAllen TX ? Mobile Mechanics Of McAllen, a well maintained properly functioning drive train ensures that as much of the power you input is felt in the bicycle’s output as possible. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Bicycle Services around McAllen TX. We serve McAllen TX and other areas. 

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Bicycle Services At Mobile Mechanics Of McAllen

Bicycle Services near McAllen TX: Bicycles are refined pieces of advanced engineering. Like any precision machine, bicycles benefit greatly from regular service and maintenance.

Bikes that are regularly used can easily develop less than optimum function in multiple systems without their rider noticing the incremental changes that occur over time during use. Mobile Mechanics Of McAllen, even bicycles that are not regularly used can develop issues from sitting that affect their overall performance and their owner’s enjoyment of them.

While much of the basic maintenance can be done with a few tools, anything more can require special tools and training to ensure the best results.Mobile Mechanics Of McAllen, why invest in a high quality bicycle unless you are going to provide the care necessary to keep it in prime working condition?


Gears to Wheels- Power Input and Output

Caring for your bike’s drivetrain involves much more than just making sure that the gears are shifting properly and the tires have enough air. While these are essential to proper operation there are many more moving parts that need to be considered.

Ensuring that all of the components are functioning takes special tools and know-how. The difference between a well maintained drivetrain and a poorly cared for, worn one is obvious in function and power output efficiency. The well maintained drivetrain will function smoothly, put power to the ground efficiently and quietly do its job without you thinking about it.

To ensure optimum function you need to assess every bearing, gear and pawl between your pedals and the ground. This involves work outside of the scope of the average home mechanic. Regular bicycle service tune ups can be the difference between recording a PB or a DNF. Mobile Mechanics Of McAllen, a well maintained properly functioning drivetrain ensures that as much of the power you input is felt in the bicycle’s output as possible.


Tires and Wheels- Ride Quality, Traction and Handling

Everything changes gradually on your bike. Not only from riding, but also from age which causes rubber to dry, lose elasticity and grip, and can cause greases and oils to break down. This can be very hard for many riders to sense causing them to ride components till they are well past their prime.

Tires are consumable components which need regular replacement and wheels need basic maintenance to help ensure that they function properly and have a long life. They should be inspected before every ride to make sure that they have sufficient rubber, are inflated to the right pressure, have no cords showing, and no visible cracks. There is nothing you can do to your bike that will as profoundly alter its handling for the better as having the right tires for your riding type, style and conditions.

Properly trued wheels with clean and greased bearings and drivers are one of the most important pieces of maintenance you can have done. Mobile Mechanics Of McAllen,It will help improve performance while saving you money on replacement parts by improving your ride quality, reducing rolling resistance and improving handling.


Bodies are complicated. So are bicycles.

Each of us is unique and has different physical constraints. Your body and your bicycle should fit each other perfectly, and it makes a lot more sense to adjust the bicycle to the body than the body to the bicycle.

Mobile Mechanics Of McAllen, professional fitting will align your bicycle to your body, which will help you be comfortable and efficient while riding.

I use a strategy of learning to address your individual needs, which will make you more comfortable on your bike.Mobile Mechanics Of McAllen will work with you to understand your goals of riding, physical limitations, injuries, strength, flexibility, and range of motion, to create an ideal position that brings health, not pain, to the body.

Through a process of education about position, form, alignment and balance, I will help you begin a new understanding of your relationship with your bike.


Bicycle fitting

Bicycle fitting is the process of adjusting a bike for a cyclist to optimize their comfort, performance and efficiency. Cyclists often experience overuse injuries such as cyclist’s palsy, cyclist back, and Anterior Knee Pain. and this is often due to an incorrectly set up cycle. Bike fitting aims to prevent injuries, increase efficiency, comfort and improve performance for all cyclists. Bike fitting is for anybody who cycles, particularly if an overuse injury has occurred, to maximise their enjoyment and performance.



Bike fitting is for anybody who cycles. A good bicycle fit goes a long way to prevent overuse injuries and helps muscles and lungs function at best ability, all improving performance and enjoyment.

  • everyday cyclists
  • touring cyclists
  • tri-athletes
  • Clinical Presentation

who complain of: buttock; back; lower limb; upper limb and neck pain associated with cycling.

Often the cyclist may have tried pressure garments to relieve areas of pressure eg gel pads in gloves, gel seat covers, upright handlebars. Often these are a band aid solution to an incorrectly fitted cycle.


To fit or not to fit?

Bicycle Services near McAllen TX: There are of course ways to set up your bike position yourself and this is still what most people do. There are plenty of handy online guides out there if you don’t feel you want to splash out on a bike fit. The decision whether to get a fit or not will also depend on how seriously you take your cycling. If you are riding purely for fun and perhaps use your bike infrequently using an online guide will be fine. However, if you are looking to race or ride sports then it’s certainly something to at least consider. One way to look at a bike fit is as an investment. It’ll certainly start you off on the right foot as it were. If you do go for a fit, ensure you do your research first.

Bear in mind that as you develop and change as a rider (weight loss, increased flexibility, core strength) your position may change too. It’s a fluid, dynamic ongoing process. Many top pros regularly tinker with their position as they evolve as riders.

Ultimately it’s up to you. You certainly don’t need a bike fit as most of us (including myself) have got to where we are using trial and error and a basic knowledge of the ideal set up, as well as taking advice from experienced riders. But, if you have the budget, are serious about your cycling and keen to ‘fast forward’ through the trial and error phase and want to fully optimize your cycling efficiency, then go ahead.

Visit your local Mobile Mechanics Of McAllen to learn about their bike fit services. Happy riding!

The Importance Of A Good Saddle Seat And Why You Have To Change It

Bicycle Services near McAllen TX: Pain from your bicycle seat doesn’t have to come with the territory. Pain in the saddle can be an indication of many things, including an incorrectly sized seat, inadequate padding and poor positioning. Diagnosing your saddle pain and correcting it can help you enjoy your ride without worrying about potentially damaging any sensitive tissue. A correction to your saddle position could also improve your pedaling efficiency, giving you more power on those tough hills.


Sizing Up Your Seat

Eliminating saddle pain starts with a correctly sized seat that properly distributes your weight. More padding isn’t the solution; you want your contact point with the saddle to be directly on your sit bones, which jut out from your pelvis underneath the flesh of your buttocks. To find your sit bones, try sitting on a table or other flat surface. The two points that contact this surface most firmly are your sit bones. Find a saddle with a width that matches these contact points. Most bike shops have an accredited bike fitter on staff that can assist you in finding the exact measurement.


Less Is More

With too much cushioning, you may be distributing your weight between your legs, where pressure and vibration can damage sensitive tissue. A good bicycle seat uses high-density foam that matches your sit bones and provides good cushioning without improperly cradling your weight. A channel down the center of some bike seats eliminates contact altogether, which can relieve saddle-related pain or numbness. Finding the right balance between cushion and support is key to eliminating your pain, so don’t be afraid to ask to try a few saddles at your local bike shop.


Sitting Pretty

The proper position in your bicycle seat can make a big difference in your comfort. With your bike leaned up against a wall, mount your seat and rotate the pedals so that one crank is pointed straight to the floor. While seated, your knee should be just slightly bent and you shouldn’t be straining to reach the pedals. Now that your seat is correct, lean forward, grab the handlebars and adjust your stem height until the position is natural and your neck isn’t craning. If you can’t get your positioning right, check that your bike frame is the correct size by matching your inseam to the manufacturer’s sizing chart. If it isn’t correct and you do a lot of cycling, it’s worth your time to try and get a properly sized bike.


Finding a Short Solution

A pair of cycling shorts is a necessity for rides further than a few miles. All professional cyclists use them, and they come in a wide variety of price ranges, styles and materials. Cycling shorts have a chamois pad built in that provides extra cushion when you’re in the saddle and can relieve a lot of issues associated with cycling such as soreness, chafing and numbness. If you want to get the most out of your ride, coupling your seat with a pair of cycling shorts is the safest and most comfortable way to ride.


5 Bicycle Fit Tips That’ll Improve Your Comfort and Power

Bicycle Services near McAllen TX: How you position yourself on the bike makes a huge difference in terms of comfort, power, and aerodynamics. While it’s a good idea for all cyclists and triathletes to get a professional bike fit, there are some basic guidelines you can use to troubleshoot problem areas and generally set yourself up in a neutral position.

The goal is to achieve a position that allows you to ride your bike without creating any injuries and one that will allow you to ride your bike for years. As an added bonus, the right fit will also make you more efficient and powerful.

Try a Saddle Before You Buy

Finding the right saddle can be a bit of a process because it’s important to find the curvature, width, and shape that is comfortable for you.

Saddles with more curvature (and/or a channel down the center) are often great for athletes who have limited flexibility through the hips and lower back. The curvature allows you to rotate your hips forward more easily without putting too much pressure on sensitive areas.

The width and amount of padding in the saddle also have a big impact on comfort and performance. Finding the right saddle may take some time and some trial and error, so work with your local bike shop – many have a loaner program – so you don’t have to make a huge financial investment. A quick ride in the parking lot is often not enough to tell you whether a saddle will work for you in the long run

Determining Saddle Setback

Move the saddle forward or backward so your knee is over the pedal spindle when the crank is in the 3 o’clock position.

Again, this is a good starting point, and then you can adjust your cleats fore and aft as needed.

Use your thumb to feel the ball of your foot on the inside of your shoe. With a pen, put a small mark on this point of your shoe so you can set the cleat using this as a landmark.

Basics of Setting Saddle Height

While you can dial this in perfectly with a professional fit, here are some guidelines for roughly setting up your saddle height. These are especially useful when you have to jump on a loaner bike or even a bike in a hotel fitness center.

Start with the saddle in a level position, parallel to the floor.

Sitting on the saddle, pedal with your heels on the pedals. Your foot should maintain contact with the pedal without having to rock your hips.

Pay Attention to the Shoe-Pedal Connection

The pedals are your third point of contact with the bike.  It’s important that the platform is large enough to feel secure (not like you’re standing on ice cubes).

And the most critical piece will be adjusting the cleats properly, to make sure you have a stable and tight shoe to pedal connection that will ensure optimal power transfer and allow you to ride injury-free.

As a general starting point for many riders, you can set the middle indicator on the cleat slightly back, about 5mm, from the ball of your foot.

The angling of cleats and the lateral distance they are set from the crank (Q-factor) is dependent on each rider’s individual body structure, however, you want to make sure you don’t feel any twisting or tension in the ankles, knees, and hips while pedaling. You can start with the cleats set straight ahead and make minor adjustments from there. Note that each foot could require different angling.

Handlebar Width and Reach Makes a Difference

Bicycle Services near McAllen TX: With the handlebar, look at the drop and the width of the bars. If you have relatively small hands or a shorter torso, look for a shallow drop bar. The width of the bar should match the width of your shoulders, which will keep your arms in a neutral position when your hands are on the brake hoods.

You also want to ensure the handlebar reach is neither too long or short, as it can cause neck, shoulder, back pain, and compromise bike handling. You should be able to reach the hoods with a comfortable bend in the elbows without feeling like you need to scoot your body forward or backward on the saddle.


Bicycle Services near McAllen TX: All bicycle services are carried out using professional bicycle tools, greases, and lubricants.

Prices quoted for services are estimates only. Thus, prices may vary if other problems are found during the service. If the price variation is significant we will contact you for approval – otherwise we will go ahead with the repairs. Senior bike mechanic has 28 years’ experience in our workshop.

Headset repack                   from $15

Hub repack                          from $20

Gear adjustment                from $25

Brake adjustment               from $12.50

Precision wheel truing      from $20

Disc brake wheel truing    from $22.5

Disc brake bleeding           from $25/brake

Recoil a dropout                 from $30

Fit a tube and/or tyre        from $10

Recoil a crank arm             from $30

Bicycle service                     from $79

Fit a bottom bracket          from $25

BMX bicycles                        from $49

Fit a chain                             from $10

Geared bicycles                   from $79

Re tap a bottom bracket  from $25

Frame strip and rebuild    from $130

Fit a headset                        from $20

Annual overhaul                 from $130

Disc brake truing                from $15

Precision wheel building  from $37.50

Reface disc mounts            from $20

Realign a frame                   from $25

Reface a bottom bracket  from $25

Fit a suspension fork         from $35

Disc brake adj & clean       from $25

Pack a bike in a box            from $30    

Flat tire repair – $18 (inner tube replacement included)

Bicycle Assembly – $55

Includes assembly, basic tune-up, fitting and free adjustments

Basic tune up – $70

  • Safety check
  • General cleaning
  • Brake and derailleur adjustment
  • Adjust bottom bracket, headset and hubs
  • Clean and lubricate chain and derailleurs
  • True wheels (on-bike)

Tune Up Plus – $100

  • Includes everything in the basic tune-up plus thorough cleaning (replacement parts extra)

Specific part overhauls – $25/per part

Complete overhaul and cleaning (November thru March only) – $150 (a great deal!)

  • Bring your bike to a Like-New condition and save $100s (replacement parts extra)

Prices quoted for services are estimates only. Thus, prices may vary if other problems are found during the service. If the price variation is significant we will contact you for approval – otherwise we will go ahead with the repairs. Senior bike mechanic has 28 years’ experience in our workshop.

Standard bicycle service

Our standard bike service includes:

  • Alignment of derailleur hanger and adjustment of gears and lubing of gear cables.
  • Adjustment of brakes and lubing of brake cables.
  • Measure chain for stretch and report on life.
  • Lube chain and all pivot points.
  • Adjustment of wheel bearings, headset bearings, and bottom bracket bearings.
  • General check on tension of all bolts and screws.
  • Inflation of tires to recommended pressure.
  • Minor in frame wheel truing.
  • Alignment of handlebars
  • General clean
  • Test ride

Annual overhaul

  • An annual overhaul includes everything in the Standard Bicycle Service plus the following.
  • Full clean, grease, and repack of both front and rear hubs.
  • Full clean, grease, and adjustment of the bottom bracket.
  • Full clean, grease, and repack of the headset.
  • Full clean and relube of the drivetrain.
  • Test Ride.

Wheel Truing

All bike wheel repairs are carried out using either DT, Sapim, or Wheelsmith plain gauge or double butted spokes. The double butted spokes can be either plain stainless steel or black.


Can I come in and work on my own bike?

Yes! Mobile Mechanics Of McAllen offers do-it-yourself access where we provide you with tools, parts, and guidance so you are able to service your bicycle yourself. No experience is necessary as long as you are actually able to do the work yourself. And there is no cost for DIY service access but we ask for at least a $15 donation an hour to Mobile Mechanics Of McAllen Coop for the bicycle stand and tools used. Most DIY tune-ups take about an hour per bicycle.

If you are interested in working on your own bike, you are most welcome at the Mobile Mechanics Of McAllen shop on Wednesdays 6-9pm, Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 12-5pm.


How much to get my dusty bike in rideable shape?

Mobile Mechanics Of McAllen offers full tune-ups for $75 excluding part replacements, please see our Additional Repair Services page for more information.


What is the turnaround time for bike repairs?

Anywhere from next day to a week during peak season.


I’m having problems with my bike. Do you know what the problem is? How much does a repair like this run?

We can’t say for sure without you bringing the bike to the shop. Please refer all questions to the Mobile Mechanics Of McAllen shop manager at 703-549-1108.


Can I sell my used bikes or parts to Mobile Mechanics Of McAllen Coop?

Sorry, Mobile Mechanics Of McAllen does not purchase used bicycles or parts. However, because of our 501c3 non-profit status, Mobile Mechanics Of McAllen can provide you a tax deductible receipt for any material or financial donations you wish to make.


Do you require appointments?



Do you do mobile repairs?

Sorry, Mobile Mechanics Of McAllen currently does not have the capacity to support our customer base through mobile repairs. Mobile Mechanics Of McAllen does support bike rodeos where we visit local schools and affordable housing in underserved neighborhoods. For more information, please see the Community Services pages on the Mobile Mechanics Of McAllen website.



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